Picture of CoConi



With a fantastic voice combining the quirkiness of Bjork or Kate Bush with the energy of Alanis Morissette, and her band's driving guitars powering seductive tunes, CoConi will get our fourth festival off to a superb start.

The Dead Rabbits

The Dead Rabbits

the UK's finest Pogues tribute band headlined our first festival three years ago and are back again on their home turf to take charge of our Friday night launch gig.

Picture of Intermezzo


have been raising the tone at weddings and functions in and around Peterborough since 1997. Ease yourself into our all-day Saturday festival at Charters with music from their wide ranging repertoire which covers almost 500 years of both classical and popular music.

Picture of Martin J Sandom

Martin J. Sandom

apparently failed to sell his soul to the devil in exchange for musical talent, but after ten years of hard work is a very accomplished guitarist whose songs blend country and blues with a range of more modern influences.

Picture of The Candle Thieves

The Candle Thieves

are a duo: Scott McEwan and mystery man "The Glock". Both originally from Peterborough, these former school friends trod different paths through the worlds of rock and pop, before combining to create their own brand of quirky but heartfelt pop.

Picture of Latino Sound

Latino Sound

have stepped forward at the last moment to fill a gap in our program. If you have caught them at the Rose lately, you will know that they effortlessly recreate the smooth and sexy sound of classic Brazilian easy-listening from the likes of Sergio Mendes. Ideal music for a hot summer Saturday.

Picture of Triptic Billies

The Triptic Billies

are one of two bands to change their name since we first booked them, and we are pleased to find they do have MySpace and Facebook pages so we can tell you something about them! With a James Brown and a Jackson in the line-up, and featuring Martin Sandom on vocals (again), it is perhaps not surprising that they play a mix of rock, funk, ska and blues.

Picture of the Duffy Brothers

The Duffy Brothers

are Ray and Leo Duffy, who play classic bluegrass, gospel and fiddle tunes mixed with a large dollop of comedy.

Picture of Psycho-O-Bombs


are a local 5 piece band into "60's garage psych" and with a psychedelic MySpace page. They played at Randall Rootz two years ago and we are pleased to welcome them back.

Picture of Whisky Jax

Whisky Jax

blend 80s style synths and vocals reminiscent of Depeche Mode, with 90s Indy guitars, and modern dance beats into something very special.

Photo of Filth Lucre

Filthy Lucre

are the new and most authentic sounding tribute to the music of The Sex Pistols in the UK now. Formed in December 2008 the band features the talents of four Peterborough and Oundle musicians united in their love of seventies Punk and The Pistols, and well versed in the art of creating an accurate sounding and visually exciting live performance, which has already garnered them a sizable following.

Picture of Bex Marshall

Bex Marshall

With her husky vocals, superb guitar playing and memorable songs Bex Marshall has deservedly attracted rave reviews. Expect a musical tornado!

Picture of Jezz Hellard

Jez Hellard and the Roving Blades

Gypsy-tinged folk from this singer, guitarist, harmonica player and percussionist, who is adept at improvising on his harmonica. Oh, and he's bringing his band along as well.

Picture of Murray Hockridge

Murray Hockridge

has played a number of gigs in Peterborough over the last year, usually with Dave Kilminster, and in the somewhat intimate surroundings of the Cellar Bar, but we are sure his subtle and soulful songs will work equally well at our festival on Sunday.

Photo of Isiah


is the name by which the Richard Hall Band are now known. Long known for their soulful and melodic songs the name change seems to have added a welcome touch of old testament fire to the sound.

Picture pf Barber & Taylor

Barber & Taylor

Brighton based Kevin Barber and Mark Taylor sing beautifully crafted country tinged songs, with fine harmony vocals and interweaving guitars that make them a match for many famous duos of the past. At Randall Rootz they will be joined by Amy Reed on violin.

Photo of Freepeace

Free Peace

Free Peace started life as a trio, but now have seven members in their lineup, but still feature former local girl Abi Evan's vocal bag of tricks in their music, which ranges from hip-hop to easy listening.

Picture pf Cruel Sister

Cruel Sister

were called 3 Legged Dog when we booked them but have recently changed their name. However, they still play a crowd-pleasing mix of music - from rousing jigs and reels, through edgy rock based and contemporary tunes to soft, melodic ballads.

Picture of Randolph Matthews

Randolph Matthews

Don't let the very British name (and speaking voice) mislead you - Randolph Matthews's gentle and soulful music is straight from the heart of Africa.

Groove Cartel photo

Groove Cartel

have already played two Randall Rootz festivals, but last played for us two years ago. With their smooth soul/funk sound (and their occasional rock-outs) it will be pleasure to welcome the back.